Apr 11 2011

Kynetx Restyler released!

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UPDATE: Due to changes in the Kynetx API and in the userstyles.org design, this browser app is currently not working anymore.

Inspired from the popular Stylish extension, Restyler allows users to change the skin of their favorite websites like Facebook or Google. Restyler is compatible with userstyles.org so that you can install any style you may find there with Restyler.


  1. Comes with two preconfigured styles for Facebook and Google
  2. One click install on new styles from userstyles.org
  3. Manage multiple styles for every website
  4. Styles can have slideshows which allows to randomly show a background image every time the page is refreshed or stay on your favorite image
  5. Restyler can be installed on Firefox and Chrome. IE extension is on the way (for now it only works on IE8 using bookmarklets)


Restyler is based on Kynetx technology that allows to distribute kynetx browser apps via extensions or bookmarklets on any major browser. With Kynetx, developpers write their program once and deploy the same code on all browsers.
This will dramatically speed up development and maintenance so expect new features in Restyler soon !


What is Restyler made off?

  • wonderful jquery with some plugins : fancybox , easydrag , busy
  • Kynetx KRL event driven server-side language
  • Fun !

Future plans:

  • allow modication of styles on the fly to ease and speed up new style creation or customization
  • extend slideshow functionnality to support facebook albums , flickr, picasaweb …
  • export / import styles manually
  • crossbrowser settings ( same styles on all browser you use shall it be at office or home)

How to install :

Install as a browser extension:

Chrome extension: crx
extension : xpi
Safari, IE extensions : not implented yet…

Kynetx KBX : http://apps.kynetx.com/installable_apps/3769-Restyler

… or test it before with the bookmarklet : Restyler !

Your feedback is essential ! Please give it here : https://convore.com/restyler-feedback-kynetx/ !

Bookmarklet source:

javascript:(function(){var d=document;var s=d.createElement('script');s.text="KOBJ_config={'rids':['a1135x24']};";d.body.appendChild(s);var l=d.createElement('script');l.src='http://init.kobj.net/js/shared/kobj-static.js';d.body.appendChild(l);})()

What the hell is a bookmarklet? => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookmarklet

=> on Firefox

  1. make sure Bookmarks Toolbar is visible. If it isn’t select “View” from main menu then “Toolbars” and check “Bookmarks Toolbar”.
  2. drag this link: Restyler to the Bookmarks Toolbar.
  3. alternatively you can right click on this link : Restyler and select “Bookmark this Link”. Then select the “Bookmarks Toolbar” folder in the the combobox and click “Save”.

=> on Chrome

  1. make sure Bookmarks Bar is visible. If it isn’t right click on any part of the menu bar and check “Always show bookmarks bar”.
  2. drag this link : Restyler to the Bookmarks Bar.

=> on Internet Explorer:

  1. make sure the Favorites Bar is visible. If it isn’t click on any part of the menu bar and check “Favorites Bar”.
  2. using your mouse, right click on this link :  Restyler and select “Add to Favorites”.
  3. select “Favorites Bar” folder in the combobox and click the Add button.

=> on Safari:

  1. make sure Bookmarks Bar is visible. If it isn’t select “View” from main menu and select “Show Bookmarks Bar”.
  2. drag this link : Restyler to the Bookmarks Bar.

=> on Opera :

  1. make sure Personal Bar is visible. If it isn’t select “View” from main menu then “Toolbars” and check “Personal Bar”.
  2. drag this link : Restyler to the Personal Bar.
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6 Responses to “Kynetx Restyler released!”

  1. davemcnamee says:

    This is cool! You should release it as a KBX app through Kynetx as well. List it on their app marketplace on kynetx.com.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Done! Restyler and Privatebook ( http://blog.lolo.asia/technology/2011/04/11/kynetx-privatebook-released/ ) are on KBX now.

  3. aux 2 centimes » kynetx privatebook says:

    […] 12/05/2011 : app was split in two distinct apps: Restyler and […]

  4. Anonymous says:

    Restyler and Privatebook are not working when installed through KBX so I removed them for now from KBX and started debugging….

  5. aux 2 centimes » Kynetx – façonnons le web à notre sauce says:

    […] Restyler , changer le look de vos pages favorites (google, facebook … ) en injectant des feuilles de style css  provenant de userstyles.org: http://blog.lolo.asia/technology/kynetx/2011/04/11/kynetx-restyler-released/ […]

  6. Anonymous says:

     Restyler is back…. with KBX support and improvements!

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